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How to remove FAQ app code from Shopify store?

If you choose to uninstall the app or have already deleted the app, please follow the below mentioned procure to remove all the app code form your store.

FAQ Page - If the FAQs were installed on a page, then please remove the code form the page. This can be done by clicking the HTML section of the page. Then remove the code from the this section as mentioned below.

Product / Collection page - Similarly code can be removed from the Product or collections page by clicking HTML section in product or collection page.

Remove code from FAQ page

Theme file - Please open theme code editor by clicking -> Online store -> Actions -> Edit code. In here please open theme.liquid file and search for enormapps. You will see our embed.js code. Please remove it and save the changes. In this way all the code will be removed from your theme.

Open theme code files

Remove code

Updated on: 04/05/2021

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