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How to add FAQ on a specific product?

1. Product specific FAQs

(Scroll below this section for single FAQ on all products)

To showcase FAQs on a specific product the FAQ code needs to copied in the HTML section of the product. The code can be found in the install tab of the FAQ.

​Steps to do this are shown in the images below

Code code from the install pop up

Open product page and click HTML editor

Paste the copied code and save changes

Please check the product page. The FAQ should appear on the product page. (May need to check in private window so contant is not served from cache)

2. Single FAQ on all product pages

The first step is same as mentioned above. Once the code is copied, open theme code files and then paste the code in product.liquid file at the end.

Code code from the install pop up

Open theme code files

Paste the code

Note - All themes are different. Please contact support if you need assistance at any stage.

Updated on: 05/05/2021

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