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How to embed gallery in a custom location / section on home page

With our 1 click install, the gallery can only be embedded either at the top or bottom of the home page.

To embed a gallery in a particular section of the home page, the code provided inside the gallery needs to be copied and manually pasted in the HTML section of the theme.

Imp: Incase the gallery is already installed using 1 click install, please navigate to uninstall tab and uninstall the gallery before proceeding.

Please find stepwise directions to embed the gallery in a custom location on the home page.

Copy the code provided inside the install tab of the gallery.
Open theme editor by clicking customize
Add a custom section
Find add a custom HTML section
Paste the code in the custom HTML section
Change the heading as per requirement. Once finished click back to back to previous screen.
Click and move the section up to the desired location
Hit save. Depending on the theme, the gallery might not appear inside the theme editor.
Please check the home page on the front end. Gallery will appear at the bottom of the page.

Note- Depending on the theme, steps might change a little bit. If you have any questions please contact customer support.

Updated on: 28/05/2021

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