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How to create linked galleries?

To create linked galleries and showcase them on the website its necessary to create a main gallery first. Please follow the steps mentioned below to create main gallery and then subsequent galleries.

We have explained the process in detail with multiple screenshots. The process in itself is easy and quick.

1. Create gallery pages in shopify.

Add a page

Create Main gallery page

Similarly create pages for sub-gallereies. 1 page for each sub gallery would be needed. For this help article I am creating Masonry gallery page, Landscape gallery page and Square gallery page.

2. Create Main gallery -> Upload Images -> Add image captions -> Install gallery on page

Create gallery

Create a gallery

Name the gallery

Upload 1 image of all sub gallereis

Write image caption - This will be shown on the image on the frontend

Add caption. This will be showcase on the image on the front end

Install gallery on page

Install gallery using 1 click install

Edit settings to show captions

Edit General settings

Edit Style settings

Please check if the main gallery is appearing on the gallery page on the website (frontend)

3. Create first sub gallery -> Upload Images -> Install gallery on page

Create sub gallery ( Masonry Gallery ) and upload images

Create Sub gallery and upload images into the gallery

Install gallery on Masonary gallery page created in step 1.

Install sub gallery on its dedicated page

Please add captions and edit settings as per preference.

4. Link first sub gallery to Main gallery

Open the sub gallery page in backend of shopify

Open Sub gallery page - Click View page

Copy the page URL ( please make sure the URL does not have /admin/ in the slug)

Copy the URL

Paste this URL in the backend of the main gallery as shown below

Paste the copied URL

**Repeat steps 3 and 4 to create and link rest of the sub galleries.**

If you have any questions of issue please contact us via chat or contact us page within the app.

Updated on: 03/06/2021

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