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How can I make my gallery full width or images larger ?

Images full width

Page width is defined by the page theme used. Page templates are created in theme and not inside the Gallery app. Gallery images are shown inside the width. Please check if there are any full-width templates in the theme (screenshot below). In most themes full width template would be name page.fullwidth, page.large or page.wide.

Store owners can request a full-width template from the developers who develop the theme. Store owners can contact the theme support for this. As they are the developers they will be able to assist quickly and correctly.

Alternatively, please contact us from within the app. Our support gurus will try to create a full-width template for your store.

Images larger

Available page width and number of images in a row selected from settings will define the the size of image. To increase the size of the image please use full width template or reduce the number of images in a row from settings inside the gallery.

Select full-width template from dropdown

Increase image size by reducing number of images in a row

Updated on: 07/05/2021

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