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Settings Guide : All settings to control review widget design from backend.

We want to make sure customers can use the review widget to match the store design as well as change all the text in their local language. To achieve this we have provided all settings in the backend. Settings are divided into 4 different sections.


1. Review Settings

In this section, we have provided all settings to control the design of the review stars, widget and review text.

Settings : Reivew Settings : 1

 Settings : Reivew Settings : 2

Settings : Reivew Settings : 3

2. Review Form

In here, store owners can control the settings of the review form used to collected reviews. Most of the text that can be translated in to local language can be found in this section.

Settings : Review Form : 2

Settings : Review Form : 2

3. Other settings

Settings : Other settings :1

Settings : Other settings : 2

4. Home page review settings

Home page reviews can have a different design than the product page review widget. So we have provided dedicated settings for home page reivew.

Settings : Home page :1

Updated on: 10/07/2021

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